Who are We?

NRL is a firm dedicated to helping SME companies in the Pharma and Biotech Industry to increase their production capacity to keep pace with their growing demand in a manner that is both financially efficient and maintains the highest level of product quality.  We specialize in helping rapidly growing SME companies bolster their regulatory posture and increase their technical capabilities in order to fuel their continued growth.  We do this by seeking to normalize their production processes so they can then be optimized.  We then build upon these optimized processes to strategically expand their production capacity and capabilities in the most efficient manner possible.

Our group of consultants bring a deep collective experience of all apsects of the end-to-end Pharma/Biotech production value chain.  We have designed, built, started-up, operated, remediated, retrofitted and evaluated every type of facility necessary to produce almost any type of Pharma/Biotech product.  Furthermore, we have done this for large and small companies all around the world.

What NRL Delivers!

A sound operations strategy is integral to the success of any company.  In short, an operations strategy guides a company's decisions on how its operational structure (where it has operations) and capabilities (how it produces its value proposition) will evolve over time to achieve its desired position in the marketplace.  Without a clear operations strategy, a company's capabilities evolve in an ad hoc fashion, which usually results in a disjointed or haphazard operations infrastructure.   Eventually this sub-optimal operational methodology's inefficient utilization of resources begins to hamper the firm's ability to achieve its overall corporate strategy.

Our services center around helping SME's to define and implement an operations strategy that will enable them to achieve their corporate strategy.  We evaluate the SME's whole operations process from suppliers and partners through the SME's own value producing operations and finally to the customers and markets they serve.  This end-to-end view enables us to create a holistic and synergistic operations solution that delivers an unrivaled competitive advantage and source of growth to our clients. 

Key Concepts from a Facility of the Year Award winner

Every year, the powers that be in the pharmaceutical industry honor several newly constructed manufacturing facilities around the world for their innovation and creativity.  In 2013, the winner of the “Operational Excellence” Category was a facility I worked on from the first stages of design all the way through start-up.   The facility was designed to be Merck’s flagship vaccines and biologics facility and the first of its kind for Merck outside of the US.  We won the award for our unique approach to the facility design and concept of how it would operate.  I want to share with you 5 key concepts that I believe were major contributors to successfully achieving this high level of “Operational Excellence”.

How to Make your Supply Chain work for you!

Many manufacturers tend to believe maintaining a positive relationship with their suppliers is nothing more than a necessary evil.  They believe its necessary mainly for two reasons:  to ensure that they get their supplies on time and to ensure they can secure the best possible deal during their contract renewal.  However, this narrow view can prohibit people from cashing in a very important potential competitive advantage.