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NRL is a firm dedicated to helping Pharma and Biotech companies enable their production capacity to keep pace with growing demand.  We design our solutions to be both financially efficient and maintain the highest level of product quality. We specialize in helping rapidly growing companies to accelerate their growth through a mix of:


 • Production Efficiency of an existing facility

 • Design and build of new facilities

 • Facility acquisitions and mergers

 • Forging strategic pharmaceutical production partnerships

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Our Approach…

Global Best Practices Applied

within a Local Context

NRL is heavily focused on serving local firms in emerging and frontier markets, especially Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our experience and practices are deeply rooted in the global best practices used by multi-national firms, but our application of them is tailored to local circumstances by our on the ground knowledge of the market.  Our network of contacts and partners spans across many pharmaceutical, finance and non-governmental organizations, allowing us to bring a plethora of different services and insights to our customers.

Production Efficiency of an existing facility


Is your existing facility nearing full capacity?  Are you currently struggling to meet your demand and feeling the need to purchase new equipment?  Maybe there is a quicker and less capital-intensive approach NRL can help with:


• Lean Six Sigma can help you to better utilize your current equipment and staff to increase their output


• Many of these projects can be completed more quickly than the purchase of new equipment or the building of a new production area


• Most solutions require only a fraction of the capital spend of new equipment and have a payback period on the order of weeks or months


• Training and mentoring can be put in place so your team learns how to execute these types of projects on their own in the future


Design and Build of New Facilities


Do you plan to drastically upgrade your facility capacity or your quality posture?  Are you planning to start making a new type of product?  If a new production facility is on the cards for you, make sure you scope, plan and execute that new facility project effectively with guidance from NRL:


• Minimize the cost and schedule of your new facility by conducting a full and thorough front-end analysis before starting project execution


• Engage world class client-side experts to guide the early planning stages and ensure the facility ultimately meets your business needs


• Leverage our network of finance organizations and design firms to gain their insight and if they are the right fit, use them for your project

Facility Acquisitions and Mergers


Are you looking to purchase a pharmaceutical company?  Have you recently purchased one and are working to integrate it into your company?  Whether you are an experienced pharmaceutical manufacturer or new to the industry, NRL can help by:


• Conducting a technical diligence process which will help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your acquisition target


• Prepare a post deal strategy (i.e. 100 day plan or 24 month plan) that will get your new acquisition on the fast track to success


• Help with the strategic and tactical integration of this new facility into an already existing pharmaceutical operations network

Forging strategic pharmaceutical production partnerships


Do you need to increase your portfolio of products?  Do you have an under utilized facility that you want to fill up?  Consider how NRL can help:


• Determine the partnership strategy that best fits your needs and aspirations


• Devise a strategy to position your company in a way that is attractive to high quality partners


• Introduce you to companies looking for local distributors, sales and marketing support or a facility to manufacture their product locally


• Find companies that will divest or license their product and/or know-how for you to use however you see fit in your market

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