Selected Vaccine Localization Case Studies


Whether you are a national government, funder, or manufacturer, I help bring the clarity needed to confidently navigate the key decisions and challenges you face while planning to establish or expand sustainable local vaccine manufacturing in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).


Are you facing roadblocks to establishing the production of vaccines in your country? Maybe you are a manufacturer

looking to establish or expand the production of vaccines for your country. Or a country/region looking to safeguard your

people against future pandemics or neglected endemic diseases. Or possibly an investor or donor providing the funding to achieve these?


For 20 years, I’ve helped clients such as Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD), InterAmerican Development Bank, WHO, Africa Centers for Disease Control and others to evaluate, develop and implement plans to sustainably manufacture life-saving vaccines around the world. My experience of designing, constructing and operating vaccine manufacturing facilities for some of the world’s biggest firms, has enabled me to support or lead various projects to increase the production of vaccines in LMICs:







If you are looking for an effective way to chart a course through political, technical, financial or stakeholder alignment

roadblocks to determine how to achieve your goal of producing vaccines locally, let's discuss your situation. My email



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